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Hello to all our lovely clients and friends!
You've told us many times how good our fabulous fakes are for travelling.  You can sparkle while you're away without the risk; just like the olden days when you travelled with replicas of the jewellery you kept in the safe! 

It won't break your heart - or the bank - if something is lost or stolen.
We'd like to invite you to show us where your Heavenly jewels have been! Please share with us your photographs of your Heavenly jewellery in exotic, scary, beautiful and outrageous places and we will award £100-worth of jewellery EVERY MONTH to the most entertaining photos and descriptions. We will accept entries until after the summer holidays - closing date August 31st 2016

Here's what you need to do:
1. Take the photo and give it a caption
2. Share the photograph on Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter but...
3. ....underneath your photos' caption you will need to paste the following.
"£700 worth of jewels to be won! @heavenlynecklaces #heavenlynecklaces #takeafake #fabulousfakes #fakediamond #realgems #costumejewellery #competition #win #giftcard #price #holiday #travel #adventure #jewellery #jewelry #heavenly Go to our Lookbook page on to find out more information"


The hottest look among the stars right now! Get the look with our Back-to-Front Pearl Earrings!
HRH The Countess of  Wessex sporting the back-to-front style at Wimbledon