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Who is wearing what, and how!

12th March 2017
We are just over the moon about the most recent writeup in the Daily Mail about how our 'pearl and diamond' earrings are Kate's favourites. Thank you DM!

7th December 2016

How the right jewellery can make you look ten years younger!

Did you know that the right jewellery can take years off a woman? Here are our top ten tips to style your jewellery for a youthful face:

1.Why the Long Face?
Faces, noses and ears lengthen with age (a baby's face is almost totally round). So, in anthropological terms, anything that elongates your features makes you look older. Long, thin earrings can
elongate a long face even more so make sure you're not making things worse! Round earrings can have the reverse effect.

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2. Black and Colour
We all hide behind black clothes in winter, in the daytime and with the LBD in the evening. Black is safe; it covers a multitude of sins and hides any fashion bypasses, but it can be very ageing. It drains the colour from our faces, and this can actually be worsened by wearing plain (fake or real) diamond earrings, as the whole effect becomes very monochrome.

To avoid looking leached out, add colour. Rich ruby earrings (gorgeous with with red lips and nails), or perhaps a blue or green stone necklace and earrings to enhance eye colour.

Fine Square-cut
Ruby and Diamond Earrings : £34

If you really don't want to wear a coloured stone; wear gold jewellery rather than silver (or white gold). Gold adds warmth and makes your complexion glow.

3. The Letterbox Lobe
As ears get longer (and gums recede, hence we get 'long-in-the-tooth) it's time for action. Many women have exacerbated their natural elongated ear problem by stretching their earlobes from years of wearing heavy earrings. And their piercing becomes more of a slit than a hole.

Help is at hand. Letterbox lobes can be masked by earrings that cover the hole like these incredibly popular Gemstone Ovals with Studs (that come in a range of colours). From £34.

And if you must wear hook earrings that show the letterbox; make sure it's not too heavy – this will only make it look more elongated.

4. High and Lobe
Some people find that their longer, slimmer lobes mean that their original piercing is now very low on the lobe. This is another dead give-away that it's a more mature ear.

Certain earrings work better to hide very low piercings. You should choose an earring that has plenty going on above the post.

Glorious Deco Drops £78

In extreme cases of letterbox lobes, ladies might consider having their ears re-pierced 5mm above the original hole. This is far cheaper and less invasive than surgery to stitch it up. Sadly our own local 'ears pierced while you wait' shop (how could you not wait?) has packed up because the health and safety people made it so complicated.

If all else fails we know of ladies whose flaccid lobes (which, dare I say it, also have vertical wrinkles!) have been filled with temporary or permanent fillers for a more youthful look – and it really works.

5. Tipping Point
If the lobe is thin and elongated, most cluster earrings will tip forward when worn; facing downwards rather than frontwards. This can be ageing as it highlights the problem rather than hiding it. A plastic-disc style butterfly instead of the traditional small, twisted type will usually sort this out and prevent it from tipping. Please call 0207 371 8268 if you would like to add the backs to your order.

7. Match or Contrast
It is clever either to match or contrast your eye colour. Sludge-green eyes (like Belinda's!) are definitely enhanced with green amethysts. Blue topaz will make blue eyes sparkle. Citrines will make rich hazel or brown eyes shine (I was going to say they will make your eyes pop but that's a horrible spectre). Alternatively, the opposite colour on the colour-wheel as a contrast
works to enhance the eyes too: Green eyes/purple amethysts, blue eyes/orange carnelian.

ndigo Blue Huggy Drops: £38

8. Yellow stones
Many women are hesitant when I suggest they should try wearing citrine earrings: 'But I
never wear yellow!' they cry. I ask them to 'think gold, not yellow' and it is almost always a terrific success.
Yellow stones, whether set in silver or yellow gold, are actually a neutral colour:
golden rather than yellow. It's also a great bridge between wearing silver and gold jewellery at the same time. Citrines work for brown and hazel-eyed ladies but are equally good on the blonde, blue-eyed, the brunette – there are very few people who don't look good in them.

Citrine Huggy Drops: £38

9. The Girls with a Pearl Earring
Pearls have a famously flattering effect on the complexion. They illuminate the complexion, and make the whites of the eyes shine and teeth sparkle.

Classic pearl stud earrings are OK but there are some much more fun contemporary styles around now. And if you know you look more fashionable and youthful, you will feel, look it and act it!

Pearl and Diamond Back to Front Earrings: £44

10. Granny Pearls
The long, granny-pearl graduated 24” necklace of yesteryear is to be avoided at all costs – it's so old-school it's not even funny. Pearl chokers are heaven on young necks but should not be worn by those whose neck will crease when the head turns.

Mary Berry got it right with the necklace she wears all the time. It's not from Heavenly Necklaces but it might just as well be!

Pearls By The Metre: £65

If you would like any advice on buying, wearing, cleaning, storing and enjoying jewellery please call us between 9.30-5.30 – we'll be glad to help.



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