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The NEW Gold Heavenly Ovals
A fresh approach to our popular ovals
The Square Cut Tennis Bracelet
Love love love!
The Pale Amethyst  'Instagram' Ring
It's finally here...
The Malachite Guinevere Ring
More sizes coming soon
The Man in the Moon Ovals
Intaglio hand etched designs in GORGEOUS...
The Pegasus Earrings
More colours just added!
The Silver Intaglio Detachables...
Voila, now in silver...
The Total Eclipse Necklace
A stunning astrological necklace!
The Gold Intaglio Studs
So many stunning colours
The Great Triangle Diamond Necklace
In silver & gold
The Silver Intaglio Studs
With a twist
The Triple Gem Hoops
Fabulous new colours JUST LANDED!
The Gem Droplets
Stack or wear alone, a multitude of colours
The Thick Rope Bracelet
Silver & gold...
The Gold Arrow Necklace
We hit the arrow on the head with this one...
The Bobble Hoops
A fun take on a classic
The Brushed Golden Hoops
Wear alone or with our detachable collection...
The Pineapple Studs
A little stud with a big impact
The Small Coin Earrings
Stunning Roman-esque detachables
The Emerald Quartz Guinevere Ring
A glassy emerald in a gold setting
The 'Diamond' Bull Horn Earrings
Wear alone or stack up your earlobe
The Dot Earrings
We're just dotty about these dots
The 2.5mm Eternity Band
In Silver & Gold...
The Rainbow Quartz Clover Necklace
Reduced from £95
The Textured Cocktail Rings
Reduced from £75
The Large Dot Necklace
An absolute winner!
The Small Dot Necklace
An absolute winner this season!
Plastic Backed Butterflies
The Anti-Droop Earring Backs!
The Constellation Ring
Our most Stunning statement ring yet
The Lapis Lazuli Guinevere Ring
Our most popular ring, now with this enchanting...
Fine 3mm Round Stone Tennis Bracelet
Delicate & chic
The Classic 3.5mm Tennis Bracelet
A heavenly favourite
The Three-in-one Pearls
Reduced from £68
The Girl's Best Friend
A beautiful cushion-cut ring
Blue/Green Quartz Bracelet
Reduced from £48
The Bobble Chain
Reduced from £40
The Golden Oval Gemstone Necklace
Reduced from £58
The Star Light, Star Bright Necklace
In gold and Silver...
Reduced from £44
Classic Huge Solitaire
One Great Big Diamond...
The 'Pearl and Diamond' Earrings
The famous ones
Fine Eternity Ring
At last, the most divine sparkly three-quarter...
The Truly Amazing Blue Topaz Ring
Like a stunning antique Aquamarine and Diamond...
Detachable Pearl and Gold-plated  Leverback Hoop Earrings
Pearls £22 per pair; plain or 'diamond' hoops...
Glorious Deco Drops
Classic elegance, so realistic
Solitaire with Diamond Shoulders
A Solitaire ring with extra WOW!

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