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New from Heavenly Necklaces Summer 2015
Our Milan collection - including the FABULOUS 'back-to-front' earrings - is nearly sold out so don't miss out!

If you would prefer to order over the phone, please call us between 9.30 and 5.30 (UK time) on 0207 371 8268.

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NEW COLOURS!  The Gold 'Diamond Huggy' with Gem
'Diamond' hoop for just £42, and a pair of Gems for £42-£62
New! Back-to-front Pearl Earrings
The ones EVERYONE wants - now in so many colours!
NEW! Blue Topaz by the Metre necklace
Wow! 34" of gorgeous real gemstones.
New! Fabulous Graduated Five 'Diamond' Ring
At last, the showstopping 'family heirloom!
New! 'Sapphire' Drop Cluster Earrings
Convincing, elegant, stylish fakes!
NEW! The Fabulous Diamond Flower Earrings from our Riviera Collection
Most wanted! See also the matching necklace.
NEW! The Roman Goddess Gemstone Cuff
From Ancient Rome; an antiquity to grace the finest wrists...
NEW! The Roman Goddess Pearl Cuff
A real pearl to show of your tan - and your great taste...
New! The Twinkling Butterfly Stud
Sparkling diamonds discreet and elegant.
New!!!  Pear-shaped 'diamond' studs in two sizes
An absolute classic, at last we have them.
Woo hoo - it's back IN GOLD! The Aqua Chalcedony 38
Fab Aqua chalcey; 'Made in Chalcey'?
 NEW! The Pearl Swirl with real pearls!
Beautiful Pearl and 'diamond' earrings that sparkle and...
IT'S BACK!  The fabulous blue topaz Little Gem Pendant
In silver or gold plate, it's a winner - and we have one...
New - GOLDENBALLS!  Back-to-front Golden Pearl Earrings
The ones EVERYONE wants - now gorgeously gilded!
New!  Larger Detachable Pearl and Gold-plated 'Diamond' Hoop Earrings
Same price, bigger hoop and shell pearl. Pearl £18, hoops...
New!  Larger Detachable Pearl and Silver 'Diamond' Hoop Earrings
Same price, larger hoops with 12mm shell pearl. Pearl £18,...
New!  The little 'Circle of Love' diamond bracelet
Sparkling 'diamonds' in silver or gold
New! Back-To-Front Laurel Leaf Earrings
THE Ultimate in Cool! Sterling Silver and CZ 'Diamonds from...
New! Back-to-front Wing Earrings
Enchanting, mercurial, etherial...
NEW! Gem Drop Earrings - reduced from £54
Aqua chalcedony for summer colour, great with a tan!
NEW! The Diamond Flower Bracelet - the hottest look in Europe!
Fabulous, sparkling 'diamonds' and so so chic! WAS £48!
NEW! The Golden Curl Earrings
Edgy+stylish+simple = STUNNING. In two sizes...
New!  Finer GOLD and 'diamond' lever-hoop with gemstone.
'Diamond' hoop for just £38, and a pair of Gems for £42-£50
New!  Finer SILVER and 'diamond' lever-hoop with gemstone.
'Diamond' hoops for just £38, and a pair of Gems for £42-£66
NEW! Diamond CZs By The Metre Earrings
Italian craftsmanship in silver or gold
NEW!  The Dolce Vita Pendant
Italian riviera colour for your summer- LAST ONE (pink)
New! The AMAZING Clover 'Diamond' Ring
Sparkling clover and diamonds - one size fits all
SPECIAL OFFER! The Claw Set 'Diamond' Eternity Ring
Perfect on its own or as a 'keeper'. Was £48.
The Cube-Cut 'Cube' Earring - wonderful NEW summer colours!
Simple elegance - the toast of Italy!
New! Back-to-front Pearl-and-Diamond Earrings
Six fab new colours - the coolest style from Italy!
New!  The Pearl Swirl Pendant
A large REAL pearl with faux diamonds - stunning with a...
New!  The Princess Bride.
With a real pearl; a truly fine piece that looks a million...
NEW!  White Mother of Pearl and 'Diamond' Clover Studs
Fabulous high summer, high fashion earrings
New! Blue Topaz pendant on pearls - the perfect Christening present?
Charming 10mm real gemstone on a real pearl necklace.
The Oval Detachable Gem and Diamond Earrings
Cunning 'diamond' studs with optional gemstones
Big Blue Topaz and Amethyst Detachable Emerald-Cut Earrings
The perfect colours for summer
New! Riviera Flower 'Diamond' Leverback Earrings
Elegant camelias for the most discerning ears
NEW - REALLY long chic pearls
Only one left now... 48 gorgeous inches long.
New! Pearl and 'Diamond' Winged Pendant
Exquisite real pearl pendant from Italy
New!  Heavenly Gift Box, made from recycled paper.
Strong and smart, a generous 10cm x 10cm gift box.